Update Webmin / Virtualmin

This article solves the issues regarding updating webmin and virtualmin.

One of the servers encountered an issue that there was no option or notification shown to update virtualmin or webmin. However the versions were old.

How to fix no option to update webmin / virtualmin

Ideally, virtualmin should show you a notification in dashboard or notifications when there is an update available for virtualmin / webmin installed on your server.

However, if under any circumstance, the notice isn’t shown, then we need to check a few things and then update in a different way.

Update virtualmin / webmin via apt-get

First thing to attempt is to try to update webmin / virtualmin using apt-get on command prompt.

Simply run these two commands and see if webmin and virtualmin get updated (along with other packages or alone).

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

If this successfully updates your server’s virtualmin and webmin, then you’re done. However if it doesn’t, then we need to go to next step.

Add virtualmin / webmin repo to apt sources list

Open this file on your server:


And look for webmin and virtualmin repositories in it. If you find them, then make sure that they are not commented out. If they are commented, then uncomment them.

However if you don’t find the webmin and / or virtualmin repositories, then we need to add them. We can add them manually or automatically by running the virtualmin install script in a specified manner in next step.

How to add webmin & virtualmin repositories to apt using virtualmin install.sh

One easy way to add required repositories to apt repo on your server is by running the install.sh script of virtualmin but with –setup flag. Follow these steps to do this.

Go to folder:

cd /bin/sh

Run this command to get the install.sh file from the virtualmin server

wget http://software.virtualmin.com/gpl/scripts/install.sh

Now run this command:

sudo /bin/sh install.sh --setup

Let this command run and don’t panic if it shows any error or weird words. In the end it will show you some comment saying that it added virtualmin and webmin repositories.

Now we need to run the apt-get commands again to install the latest versions of webmin and virtualmin on your server.

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

Or you can also update using the virtualmin update. By going to dashboard and it will show you that there are packages available to be updated.

Hopefully this solves your issue. If you need any help or if you still have no option to update virtualmin / webmin, please let us know in the comments.

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